cBEYONData Among the Top Big Data Firms, Worldwide

We are happy to announce we have been awarded a spot as a Clutch Global Leader, a list of the 475+ most highly reviewed companies around the world.

Out of over 200 big data consultancies, we ranked in the top 10. Clutch’s proprietary research is based off of a company’s industry expertise and availability to deliver. Independently conducted client interviews are a cornerstone of their research.

We offer a wide range of analytics services including business intelligence, location analysis, and data visualization. We are proud that our clients can vouch for our wide ranging data expertise. The Head of Business Intelligence at the US Navy gave us a perfect five star rating for our SAP consulting services:

“The thing that I really like about cBEYONData it seems that all their personnel that they provide to support the contract either have a wide knowledge base of the SAP products, or they have ready access to someone who can push the process through. I don’t know if you’ve ever dealt with SAP directly, but it takes a long time to get answers from customer service. I could be waiting for two or three days. If cBEYONData handled it, and it was within their purview, they normally would answer within a matter of hours, or they may already know the answer.”

Its an honor to be named one of the Top Big Data Consultants in the world. We are excited to approach 2018 with a mindset of improving our services, and seeing our clients continue to grow and succeed!

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cBEYONData Named One of the Top Big Data Consultants









cBEYONData is a results-driven firm that provides value to government agencies and organizations through Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for the CFO’s Office and end-user missions. We ensure our customers’ analytical and reporting requirements are met through solutions such as financial reporting, audit readiness, DATA Act analytics & submission, procurement & external reporting, dashboards, analytics, visualizations, and geo-mapping. cBEYONData is committed to customer success, as demonstrated by our strong customer retention rates, references and awards.