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Here at cBEYONData our philosophy is to nurture our culture and make it a top priority in the company, then our associates’ happiness, customer satisfaction, and long-term business partnerships will naturally flourish. Company culture is derived from its core values and our core values are meant to empower our associates so they enjoy the work they do and the environment they do it in. We know that when we enjoy what we do, we are in turn delivering exceptional service to our customers and thriving in our business. To make this happen, we hire and invest in associates that share our core values.

Over the coming months, we are excited to feature various members of the cBEYONData team, to not only show the great work that they are doing in the industry, but also tell the story of who our team is! This month, our team member featured is John Maryanopolis!

Name: John Maryanopolis

Title/Team: Project Manager ATF

How long have you been with cBEYONData? 2 years and 11 months

What is your favorite part about working at cBEYONData? The people are great and the project is challenging.

How long have you worked in the business intelligence industry? Almost 20 years

What was your first job title in the industry? Principal Consultant (Oracle)

What is the most interesting project that you have worked on? While at Visa, I did a project to get profitability by Bank. This helped Visa target it’s marketing dollars down to a region and a bank to get the most out of the ad dollars spent.

What does cBEYONData offer that our competitors do not (or what makes cBEYONData unique)? A sense of being part of the team while having the ability to work your project independently.

Where do you think this industry is going in the near and far future and how is cBEYONData leading that charge? Automating the build of universes in the CFO control tower should bring down the cost to own to our clients and help CBD get a stronger market share within the Momentum Government space.

What do you like to do in your “off work” time? Golf and watch my daughters play field hockey.

Do you have family/pets? Yes, we have a dog.

Please join us on Tuesday, November 7th, for a complimentary webinar highlighting the cBEYONData CFO Control Tower with our Principal, David Schmidtknecht. Mr. Schmidtknecht will showcase how the CFO Control Tower assists our customers by enhancing financial systems as well as maintaining internal and external compliance. cBEYONData’s solution produces correct output on time, every time!


Join us to see:
  • The CFO Control Tower, which runs on top of your financial system(s) and becomes a single source for your data and decisions. Our solution provides early and accurate alerts without manual intervention
  • Examples of over 100 pre-built financial, procurement, budget, and other standard agency reports
  • How cBEYONData’s mix of government accounting and technology experience has enabled the cross-identification of system routines used to gather, cleanse, store, and analyze your data for reporting purposes (such as GTAS & the DATA Act)
  • How cBEYONData has helped other agencies solve their reporting challenges with automated reconciliation and file comparisons, including automated alerts for real-time and proactive data correction
Questions? Contact us.
Patti Angelos
703-690-5730 ext.126 (Direct)

CFO Tech Outlook Magazine has recognized cBEYONData as one of the Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers! This is an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing financial reporting solutions and impacting the marketplace. We are excited to recognized and to be part of this list. CFO Tech Outlook will be publishing a Financial Reporting Special, where along with be featured, an interview with our Principal, David Schmidtkneckt.

Below is an excerpt from the CFO Tech Outlook article coming out this month:

“The role of the Federal CFO necessitates garnering in-depth insights from multiple sets of data for better decision making, quicker financial performance analysis, and accurate compliance reporting. However, data visibility becomes a mirage for CFO’s when their existing financial and accounting systems present inadequate detailed and untimely information. To overcome this situation, a solution is needed that automates data aggregation and executes decisions based on complete and integrated data. cBEYONData offers a solution that empowers Federal CFOs; the CFO Control Tower. An arsenal for CFO Office, the CFO Control Tower provides automation, external compliance, analytics, system assurance, and improved security compliance. It empowers the financial decision makers by automating numerous business processes and providing data insights, visibility, and transparency.”

Be sure to head to their website to read the rest of the article: CFO Tech Outlook – cBEYONData: Magnifying Financial Information

We are excited to announce that our data and analytics solutions are now available on Carahsoft’s SEWP contract! We will be providing value to government agencies and organizations with our business intelligence solutions for the CFO’s Office through this contract!

Below are the details on the NASA SEWP V Contract that we are now a part of:

The NASA SEWP V GWAC (Government-Wide Acquisition Contract) provides the latest in Information Technology (IT) products and product-based services for all Federal Agencies. SEWP provides the best value and cost savings through innovative procurement tools and processes; premier customer service and outreach; and advocation of competition and cooperation within the industry.

SEWP V adheres to Far 16.5059(b) Fair Opportunity Clause which provides that each contractor shall be given fair opportunity to be considered for each order exceeding $3,000 and issued under multiple award contracts. The FAR states that the method to obtain fair opportunity is at the discretion of the CO and that the CO must document the rationale for placement and price of each order. The SEWP online RFI/RFQ tool is the recommended method to assist in this activity and to augment the required decision documentation. The SEWP RFI/RFQ tool will automatically include the Contract Holders within a selected Group or based on a suggested source.

Learn more about the SEWP Contract Information, Vendors, Purchase Order Instructions, Ordering, Terms and Conditions and Resources on the Carahsoft website:

Carahsoft SEWP Website

cBEYONData has been selected as a finalist for Washington Technology Industry Innovators program at the digIT Awards!

This program recognizes leading companies in the market that are evolving and making strategic changes to grow their business and better serve customers.

As a finalist, CBEYONData will be recognized in a special report on Washington Technology’s website. Winners in the different categories will be announced at the GCN dig IT Awards gala on Oct. 19. The finalists also will be featured in an upcoming issue of FCW. Head to the 2017 CGN dig IT awards site to learn more about this event:

A formal announcement is featured on

The criteria for being evaluated is based off of the 4 following points:

  • Acquisitions
  • Restructuring
  • Internal R&D and Technology Alliances
  • Strategic Hires

We are honored to be finalists for the Washington Technology Industry Innovators program! The market has been going through a fundamental shift and we are excited to be one of the true innovators in a time of great change.

cBEYONData is proud to announce that we will be an exhibitor at the 2017 Data Transparency Conference in Washington, D.C., on September 26th at the Renaissance Hotel. Among those attending are David Schmidtknecht, Principal, Michael Hoffman, Vice President, Patti Angelos, Business Development Consultant and Theresa Backus Dunn, Director of Marketing.

Head to their website to learn more about the 2017 Data Transparency Conference, see highlights from last years event, read the agenda and sign up to attend: Data Foundation Website

From Data Foundation:

Data Transparency 2017 is Washington’s fifth annual open data policy conference. DT2017 will bring government leaders, transparency advocates, and the technology industry together to work on the transformation of information resources from disconnected documents into open data. Last year’s open data policy conference, Data Transparency 2016, hosted the first-ever White House Open Data Innovation Summit and attracted nearly 1,200 registrants. DT2017 will focus on three aspects of the open data transformation.

First, we’ll explore government data for public good, where recent reforms, like the DATA Act, are creating new resources that will improve policymaking and bring transparency. Second, we’ll consider modernizing compliance data for efficiency and effectiveness, like Standard Business Reporting and blockchain, which are reducing costs and opening new data resources. Third, we’ll celebrate the potential of private-sector data to improve business and society. By voluntarily opening their data, private-sector organizations are discovering that they can crowd-public good.

DT2017’s Innovation Showcase will spotlight supporters of the Data Foundation, the nation’s first industry-focused open data research organization. Join us on September 26!

Data Transparency 2017 is Washington’s fifth annual open data policy conference.

cBEYONData, with our teaming partner SAP, was awarded a 1.5 year contract to implement SAP’s SuccessFactors HR system for the Department of Energy.  Not only is this an exciting project for our firm from an application perspective, the implementation will be in the cloud. It represents another addition to cBEYONData’s growing stable of successful cloud application implementations for the Federal government.

See our other strategic business intelligence and technology partners here, read more about our business intelligence and data analytics services here and learn more about SAP’s SuccessFactors HR System here!

cBEYONData is a business intelligence and analytics company providing value to government agencies and organizations through its business intelligence solutions. We ensure our customer’s analytical and reporting requirements are met by utilizing Agile processes to deliver our solutions, such as financial reporting, audit readiness, GTAS & DATA Act analytics, procurement & external reporting, dashboards, analytics, visualizations, and geo-mapping. We have built a toolbox of solutions that includes over 100 templates, worksheets, project plans, and sample documents based on our 20+ years of experience delivering BI solutions and ensuring project success for our customers.

cBEYONData is pleased to announce the recognition by Unisys as “Team of the Quarter” for Q2 2017.  Select staff members of cBEYONData are part of a core team working on the Department of Justice Detention Services Network (DSNet) Modernization and Operational Support team. DSNet is a multifaceted, full-service internet site for the management of the detention services and prisoner processing for our DOJ Client.

Our team helps manage the DSNet solution via applications, data management and programs that facilitate the housing, transportation and care of federal prisoners throughout the U.S. and its Territories. cBEYONData enhances, maintains and operates a series of web-based software applications, databases and Tier 2/3 Help Desks, designed to optimize prisoner management operations. The cBEYONData team has automated various processes, allowing our customer to operate more efficiently related to detention services and prisoner management. cBEYONData’s cohesive approach has transformed the applications, while highlighting the value and opportunity of implementing new features and functionality, to modernize the approach to managing inmates.

“We are very proud of our team for going above and beyond with the client, and gaining this accolade”, said Dorinda Schmidtknecht, President and Chief Operating Officer at cBEYONData.  “The cBEYONData team was able to institute SDLC practices and establish a programmatic approach to operating, maintaining and enhancing software for the systems”, she said. 

To learn more about our services or some of our other clients that we work with, head to these pages: Services and Customers, and see how we can work with your company to streamline processes and see beyond your data!

Congratulations to the core team at Unisys for winning the Q2 2017 Team of the Quarter!

DATA Act submissions are having agencies ask for our help to eliminate ALL ERRORS and justify any warnings.

cBEYONData is hosting a live DATA Act webinar on Wednesday July 26th @ 2:00 PM EST to share how we are helping agencies with DATA Act reporting. cBEYONData has developed tools to pull the data together and produce alerts on a DAILY basis, this provides your agency in advance exactly where you stand regarding your monthly submission.  Knowledge is powerful.

Join us to:

· Discover how cBEYONData’s mix of Government Accounting and Technology experience has enabled the cross identification of current reporting to the new submission requirements.

· See how complete the drill down capability is for audit purposes.

· Hear how cBEYONData has helped other Agencies with their challenge in reporting regarding the (Reconciliation and File Comparisons) The need to format the information and follow guidelines for the various Files: (Agencies are finding B&C are the most difficult to reconcile), this is where the cBEYONData tool shines.

Be sure to head to the Carahsoft website to register NOW!

Agencies submitting their DATA Act submissions are now:

  • Attempting to automate the file creation and submission process fully
  • Attempting to eliminate all errors and warning (in advance of creating the files)
  • Reconciling their internal systems with FPDSNG data
  • Creating a solution to ensure all data stays in sync and notifies when discovering data quality errors

cBEYONData will be hosting a live DATA Act webinar with Carahsoft to share how we are helping agencies enhance their DATA Act reporting. cBEYONData has developed tools to integrate internal and public data together, produce data quality alerts on a DAILY basis, and create fully reconciled files for submission.

Join us to:

  • Discover how cBEYONData’s mix of Government Accounting and Technology experience has enabled the cross-identification of current reporting to new submission requirements.
  • See our complete drill down capability for audit purposes.
  • Hear how cBEYONData has helped agencies with challenges in reporting regarding reconciliation and file comparisons, and the need to follow formatting guidelines for the various files (agencies are finding B&C are the most difficult to reconcile).      

We look forward to seeing you there!

cBEYONData is participating in an SAP BusinessObjects User group in Washington, DC on Friday, June 2, 2017, along with Carahsoft, Deloitte, and GB & Smith.

This user group is intended to expand and refine the knowledge base of the SAP BusinessObjects community through interactive sessions and presentations.
To join this SAP BusinessObjects User Group and save your seat, visit the Carasoft website.
SAP BusinessObjects User Group for cBEYONData in Arlington, VA