Quality Assurance

cBEYONData is ISO certified

and is committed to quality, environmental, service and information security management. Our Management System is audited and by a third party annually to ensure cBEYONData’s project performance is implemented to the utmost standards. Fulfilment of customer and regulatory requirements is our foremost priority and is the responsibility of each employee, subcontractor, and consultant working on a cBEYONData project.

ISO 9001 including Amendment 1
ISO 20000-1 including Amendment 1
ISO 27001 including Amendment 1

Environmental Policy

cBEYONData is customer focused and committed to producing quality products, and protecting the environment of the Earth, to improve people’s everyday lives.

To minimize environmental impacts concerning our activities, products and services, we will comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the Company subscribes and relate to its environmental aspect by preparation, delivery and continual improvement of our processes, products and services.

Quality Management System

We continually strive to improve the quality of our services by maintaining and operating a fully compliant Quality Management System. Our QMS mandates a set of policies and procedures that ensures our customer’s core business processes are identified, controlled, measured, and improved. Our QMS comprises four major activities: (i) quality management planning, (ii) quality assurance, (iii) quality control, and (iv) Continual Service Improvement.

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

For each Seaport-e Task Order, our team will develop a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) that will play a vital role in evaluating and ensuring that each product or service is functioning properly and that the evaluated product or service complies with the stated Task Order requirements. The QASP establishes the methods by which we conduct quality assurance activities that concentrate on preventing performance problems through continuous monitoring and evaluation of program-specific processes, products, and services including those produced by our subcontractor, RGS. These processes dictate how quality is continuously reviewed and improved through performance metrics, suggested changes, and managing issues to closure.


As a best practice, we ensure that quality is regularly monitored and controlled. cBEYONData offers our customers proven solutions for quality assurance based on ISO and other industry best standards and practices to ensure we deliver the highest quality products and services.