A scalable on-demand solution that enhances financial systems

The cBEYONData CFO FM&A Solution

Contains pre-built components and a proven service delivery process that accurately, predictably, and affordably provides right now financial analytics and reports. Each component group within the CFO and CDO office (Budget, Procurement, Financial Reporting, Audit, Payroll, General Ledger, External Compliance Reporting, Financial Systems Support, Performance Management) can leverage the FM&A solution to quickly automate their business processes which ensures financial accuracy and significantly reduces time spent on manual data aggregation and manipulation.

Traditionally, accessing analytics and reports from a financial system meant enabling government staff to manually “wrangle” data to produce clean data for reporting. Manual wrangling can delay end-users access to the most recent data and may create an over-reliance on lagging performance measures. 


Consists of pre-built components, content, and collateral that consolidates disparate financial systems and produces reports, alerts, and analytics via a single integrated solution.

  • When purchased as a service, no capital expenditure required

  • Successfully supporting customers in the AWS and Azure secured GOVCloud

  • Integrates with your existing financial and business systems

  • Provides 125+ pre-built reports and analytics that operate inside a COTS solution

  • Pre-built solution for GTAS, DATA Act, and TBM reporting

  • Reduces implementation and O&M costs

  • Total control over your own data and reporting capability

  • Provides regulatory systems assurance and security monitoring for secure and compliant reports

  • Integration of Machine Learning tools and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to gain productivity, increase efficiency and automate redundant manual processes

  • Transaction level data lineage and analytics via a single integrated solution.