Here at cBEYONData our philosophy is to nurture our culture and make it a top priority in the company, then our associates’ happiness, customer satisfaction, and long-term business partnerships will naturally flourish. Company culture is derived from its core values and our core values are meant to empower our associates so they enjoy the work they do and the environment they do it in. We know that when we enjoy what we do, we are in turn delivering exceptional service to our customers and thriving in our business. To make this happen, we hire and invest in associates that share our core values.

Over the coming months, we are excited to feature various members of the cBEYONData team, to not only show the great work that they are doing in the industry, but also tell the story of who our team is! This month, our team member featured is John Maryanopolis!

Name: John Maryanopolis

Title/Team: Project Manager ATF

How long have you been with cBEYONData? 2 years and 11 months

What is your favorite part about working at cBEYONData? The people are great and the project is challenging.

How long have you worked in the business intelligence industry? Almost 20 years

What was your first job title in the industry? Principal Consultant (Oracle)

What is the most interesting project that you have worked on? While at Visa, I did a project to get profitability by Bank. This helped Visa target it’s marketing dollars down to a region and a bank to get the most out of the ad dollars spent.

What does cBEYONData offer that our competitors do not (or what makes cBEYONData unique)? A sense of being part of the team while having the ability to work your project independently.

Where do you think this industry is going in the near and far future and how is cBEYONData leading that charge? Automating the build of universes in the CFO control tower should bring down the cost to own to our clients and help CBD get a stronger market share within the Momentum Government space.

What do you like to do in your “off work” time? Golf and watch my daughters play field hockey.

Do you have family/pets? Yes, we have a dog.