Its that time again, where we get to featured one of our great employees, hear about their work, and ask them questions about working at cBEYONData! This week we had the opportunity to talk with Vicky Allison​, our Proposal Manager, who has been with us for 3 years! Vicky is also part of our Leadership Team! Her experience spans Federal, State and Local governments, as well as commercial Fortune 500 firms focusing on providing proposal management services including the support of strategic business development goals, solution development, process improvement, proposal lifecycle management and review, and oral presentation services.

Name: Vicky Allison

Title/Team: Proposal Manager

How long have you been with cBEYONData? Since 2015

What is your favorite part about working at cBEYONData? I love that I get to work with so many talented, super intelligent professionals and assist with the growing of contracts and teams.

How long have you worked in the business intelligence industry? Over 8 years.

What was your first job title in the industry? Proposal Coordinator and Technical Writer

What is the most interesting project that you have worked on? All of my projects are interesting, but some offer more stress than others. 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy working on the proposals here because I get to interact with so many different team members and learn about so many different agencies along the way.

What does cBEYONData offer that our competitors do not (or what makes cBEYONData unique)? cBEYONData offers an environment that is completely different than most. There is a family-like atmosphere and you can tell that our senior leaders really do care and put their employees first. Most companies around the beltway say their employees are their main priority, but cBEYONData means it.

Where do you think this industry is going in the near and far future and how is cBEYONData leading that charge? I think automation of BI and data will be the next big push and I am excited that our Control Tower is leading the way.

What do you like to do in your “off work” time? My husband and I like to travel, go to concerts, and of course chase our 2-year-old daughter around.

Do you have family/pets? I do, 🙂 I have a two-year-old named Vivienne, another little girl due in September, an Australian Shepard named Hank, and a Maine Coon cat named Pancakes.  

Here at cBEYONData our philosophy is to nurture our culture and make it a top priority in the company, then our associates’ happiness, customer satisfaction, and long-term business partnerships will naturally flourish. Company culture is derived from its core values and our core values are meant to empower our associates so they enjoy the work they do and the environment they do it in. We know that when we enjoy what we do, we are in turn delivering exceptional service to our customers and thriving in our business. To make this happen, we hire and invest in associates that share our core values.