cBEYONData’s proEO provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) for decision analysis in the digital age.

The 21st century is shaping up to be the century when everything will be digitalized. This pervasive digitalization brings a plethora of other technologies with it that will impact us all. The Internet of Things , Robotic Process Automation, and AI technologies are already having – and will continue to have – a significant effect on all jobs and occupations.

proEO is a proprietary AI-enabled Business Intelligence application owned and developed by cBEYONData.

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It provides predictive analytics and advanced costing capabilities that enhance business planning and performance analysis.
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It extends traditional Technology Business Management (TBM) allowing organizations to identity cost drivers, and utilize them to manage outcomes and performance, maximizing spend efficiency.


integrates operational optimization with financial information to ensure the optimal outcome every time.

proEO can analyze data from various programs, applications, and ERP systems. It applies principles now accepted by global accounting bodies to provide a better understanding of business financial performance. It employs a variety of algorithms including profit maximization, decision support integration, and margin price calculation. This enables organizations to understand the correlation between different operational courses of action and financial performance with the view towards optimizing outcomes. proEO provides five critical tools that deliver advanced costing capabilities:

proEO Profit Maximization

These tools help decision makers optimize their product mix. They enable forward-thinking executives to develop and plan product or service mixes to optimize profitability in a variety of scenarios and economic conditions.

Decision Support Integration

proEO uses predictive analytics to support more effective decision making in manufacturing. proEO helps determine the best course of action based on real data from the manufacturing floor and connecting it to financial data. When combined with accepted accounting principles, it enables better use of information.

Margin and Quote Price Calculator Tool

This tool uses normal distribution parameters such as mean value and standard deviations of your current margins to suggest prices for incremental business. This tool lets you see the impact of even minor increases in the standard deviation factor.

proEO Product Cost Estimator Tool

Product cost estimation is a highly technical process that involves the five steps pictured below. It requires a greater breadth and depth of knowledge than typical reporting. Based on feedback from our clients, we designed this tool to accelerate the most time intensive parts of the process. We handle the process so you can focus on making better use of your information.

Technology Business Management (TBM)

Forward thinking federal agencies are working with OMB to implement TBM, which seeks to improve the transparency of costs, consumption, and performance of IT in the organization and optimize IT investment and spending. Although a good start, standard TBM would benefit from taking a less monetary and more causal and operational quantity focus. proEO’s TBM+ model provides drilldown of all causal costs, operational quantities, and cost rates to their source, including Cost Pools, Sub-Cost Pools, Towers, Sub-Towers, Solutions, and Business Units, Customers or Partners.

The proEO solution is a flexible application that provides functionality to:

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Perform exploratory and predictive analysis through simulation, AI, and what-if analysis.
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Provide an objective cost model that accurately reflects the organization’s use of resources.
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More effectively align business objectives with performance goals.
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Model cause and effect between inputs and outputs required to produce final outputs.
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Accurately value all operations in an organization (i.e., supply and consumption of resources).
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Deliver decision support information that meets decision maker’s needs.
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Provide insight into the marginal and incremental aspects of alternatives being considered.
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Leverage trusted, forward-looking information to increase optimization, growth, and realization of strategic objectives.


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