Purpose-built to improve your agency’s return on investment, cBEYONData utilizes business intelligence, data analytics, and business automation solutions to help effectively achieve your mission. Awarded with multiple contracting vehicles and schedules, cBEYONData provides our customers with fast, flexible channels to access the full range of our solutions.


  • 541219: Budget and Financial Management Services
  • 541611: Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services
  • 561920: Conference, Meeting, Event and Trade Show Planning Services
  • 541330ENG: Engineering Services
  • 54151S: Information Technology Professional Services
  • 518210C: Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services
  • 518210FM: Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO) Core Financial Management Solutions and IT Professional Services
  • 511210: Software Licenses
  • 54151: Software Maintenance Services

cBEYONData has strategically partnered with Carahsoft to offer our collective customers another vehicle to purchase our services and solutions for the CFO Control Tower®. For more information on our specific products and services and SEWP V, please click here.

Contract #W15QKN2091000: Intelligent Automation Prototype

Certain cBEYONData solution offerings can also be accessed through an Other Transaction Authority which gives Defense organizations the ability to procure prototypes directly into Production by authority of the Department of Defense to carry out certain prototypes, research, and production projects.

Contract #N0017821D9377: Engineering, financial management and program management support services

Contract #SP470917D0120: J6 Enterprise Technology Services

Contract #W52P1J22A0077: Artificial Intelligence Test & Evaluation

Contract #2032H521A00037: RPA Engineering Support

Contract #W52P1J20D-0042: cBEYONData strategically partnered with Carahsoft to offer our collective customers another vehicle to purchase our services and solutions. Structured for the U.S. Army, Department of Defense (DoD), and all other federal agencies to acquire reasonably priced, enterprise-level commercial IT services and solutions.

Contract #W52P1J20D-0042: The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is the premier offering of Tradewinds, the Department of Defense’s (DOD’s) suite of tools and services designed to accelerate the procurement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), data, and analytics capabilities. Please check out our Tradewinds solution.

cBEYONData has two Small Business Administration approved Mentor Protégé Program Joint Ventures where we can give back to small businesses and leverage our combined skills and expertise to serve our clients.

C2ADVANTAGE, LLC is a joint venture combining the capabilities of CODE Plus, Inc. (CODEplus), a women owned small business, and cBEYONData. CODEplus is a proven federal government-focused small business and an approved protégé of cBEYONData through the Small Business Administration’s Mentor-Protégé’ Program.

ThinkBEYOND is a joint venture combining the capabilities of ThinkTek LLC (ThinkTek), a SBA 8(a) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, and cBEYONData.  ThinkBEYOND is poised to become a trusted partner for agencies seeking to modernize their IT infrastructure and enhance their mission-critical operations.