cBEYONData improves the business of government by understanding the overlapping relationship of data (information) and dollars (finances). We diagnose, design, and implement: processes, platforms, and the tools and measurements that help government operate effectively. Applying the right mix of advice, technology, and implementation expertise allows our clients to do right by the budgets, the people, and the mission so that the business of government runs at its very best.

Corporate Growth Award — $75M-$250M

Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting

Corporate Growth Award — $25M–$75M

Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting

Moxie Award Finalist

Great Washington Contractor Awards – Finalist

Top Places to Work

Government Technology Contractors in the Greater Washington Region — Ranked #43

Fastest Growing Company in the DC Region — Ranked #7

Corporate Growth Award — Under $25M

Government Contractor Awards — $15M-$27.5M Small to Mid-size Companies in Greater DC

Corporate Diversity Index Award for Small to Mid-Size Companies in Greater DC — Ranked #36

Our leadership team supports our outstanding employees to help our customers achieve successful mission outcomes. We do this by effectively leveraging data and business automation solutions. It’s simple. We’re here to propel employee and customer success.

Dyson Richards

Chief Executive Officer

David Schmidtknecht

President & Chief Solutions Officer

Dawn Sedgley

Chief Operating Officer

Gray Beck

Chief Financial Officer

Zhenia Klevitsky

Chief Growth Officer

Bryan Eckle

Chief Technology Officer

Keith Johnson

Chief Information Officer

We support each other to accomplish the mission.

We always let the quality of our work speak for itself.

We are continuously on the lookout for ways to improve.

We strive to communicate early, openly, and often.

We share a passion for our business, culture, and life.

We aid the less fortunate at home and around the world.

Culture & Values

At our company:

Professional fulfillment and teamwork aren’t just buzzwords; they’re values that shape every aspect of our culture. We understand that success isn’t just measured in profits, but also in the satisfaction of our employees.

We create a supportive work environment where everyone feels empowered. Collaboration isn’t just encouraged; it’s at the heart of how we operate. Whether we’re brainstorming ideas or celebrating successes, we believe that together, we can accomplish more than we could alone.

We’re committed to helping each other reach our full potential, because we understand that when our employees thrive, so does our company. At its core, our company culture is one of mutual respect, support, and continuous growth.

cBEYONData is a place where employees not only find fulfillment in their work but also feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie that inspires them to excel every day.

Our work and deliverables will reflect the exact standards and expectations of the public sector agencies we serve. For cBEYONData, meeting the objectives that serve the mission is table stakes. Our internal commitment is to go beyond minimums and exceed expectations. It’s in our name, and it’s our DNA. We solve problems for our clients by understanding their specific needs and then setting about the work in a consultative, collaborative manner. 

cBEYONData is also ISO certified. Our Management System is audited by a third party annually to ensure cBEYONData’s project performance is implemented to the highest standards. cBEYONData has been successfully appraised at Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)® for Services (CMMI-SVC).

Our solutions are tested and proven. While we bring the latest technology to our clients, we don’t ask them to prove that it works. Our tailored solutions are not experiments. They rely on vetted technology, worthy of the mission. The methods we use to implement solutions is as important as the solutions themselves. 

cBEYONData is customer focused, committed to producing quality products, and protecting the environment of the Earth, to improve people’s everyday lives.

To minimize the environmental impact of our activities, products, and services, we will comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the Company subscribes and relate to its environmental aspect by preparation, delivery and continual improvement.

If you’ve been looking to shift your career into high gear, we’re looking for you. This is your opportunity to take your ambitions and convert them into an exciting career in a supportive and innovative environment! Join the team that’s working to improve the business of government every day.