Capability Protection

 Take risks, but do it smartly. Every business decision or action adds to an organization’s “digital twin”—a virtual reflection of a real-world entity that creates a holistic picture of its operations. While important for functionality, the twin creates risk that needs to be mitigated.

Organizations manage their diverse portfolio through fracturing responsibilities into areas of focus for leaders and teams. On the other hand, threats and adversaries can navigate across these boundaries to collect information and insight. This gives them the edge.

Merge the best of national security, business, and technology frameworks into integrated views of risk and novel solutions. A multidisciplinary approach spans everything from strategic policies and roadmaps to interface and system requirements to data model constructs.

First, we gain an understanding of your core business model and its internal manifestations. From policies to data fields, we work to understand how this model is reflected in your day-to-day operations. We combine this with an understanding of the external landscape – both active competitors and passive digital footprints.

Next, we combine the best approaches from diverse disciplines to identify the areas of highest risk. We specialize in the “both/and” mentality – developing solutions that meet both your long-term objectives, such as robust data landscapes, and your capability protection requirements, such as controlling who has insight. 

Finally, we develop a comprehensive course of action. Actionable, measured, and informed steps will mitigate risk and install sustainable and scalable solution-sets.