Embrace the “what if.” Prototype ERP solutions and build detailed workflow mock-ups. Run use-case scenarios and evaluate business processes and tools before they are implemented–with cBEYONDLab™, our cloud-hosted sandbox environment.

Flexibilitytypes of reports and analytics

AccessCloud-hosted, testbed environments

ResultsHave complete confidence in the outcome

The cBEYONDLab provides a proving ground to inform decision-making, allowing for the configuration of multiple system designs for comparison and analysis of the best fit for our client’s needs.

  • Partner with software developers and resolve software interoperability issues ahead of the implementation.
  • Ensure specific combinations of functionality perform as expected.
  • Dynamically add new tools for evaluation.
  • Record findings, pros and cons, and deliver to stakeholders in a Configuration Cookbook.

cBEYONDLab enables Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) to be better, faster, and cheaper by providing a system to model and demonstrate industry best practices. Third-party software proof-of-concept efforts allow for demonstration of competing functionalities, especially within the agility layer, tailored for our client’s needs before purchasing software.

  • Model and demonstrate SAP Best Practices.
  • Collaborate with software firms like Appian, UIPath, and WebMethods.
  • Demonstrate business process management tools, application programming interfacing, and more.
  • Create, execute, and manage.

cBEYONDLab goes beyond technical functionality, focusing on user stories and business scenarios in order to develop detailed functional requirements.

  • UI/UX software option evaluation and comparison.
  • Develop realistic client persona data and transactions executed within the toolset.
  • Create integrated master data model to illicit potential software pain points.

During a Sprint outbrief, cBEYONDLab was invaluable in helping the stakeholders understand the art of the possible in the future state.

cBEYONDLab Customer

The cBEYONDLab team plays a critical role in our Business Process ReEngineering sessions by leveraging the tool to show us the realm of the possible.

cBEYONDLab Customer