CFO Control Tower

Don’t settle for baseline financial reporting systems. Elevate your efficiency and output with CFO Control Tower®, a scalable, on-demand answer to the challenges of financial and performance management faced by today’s federal agency. With this suite of modules—implemented as a whole or a la carte to fill current gaps—you’ll more easily meet current compliance reporting requirements while staying ready for new ones.

The CFO Control Tower is a reliable, fast, secure, and integrated solution that offers federal financial organizations the necessary information to make well-informed decisions. With real-time data and insights, CFOs navigate financial complexities with confidence and agility, ultimately enhancing overall decision-making processes.

The CFO Financial Management & Analytics (FM&A) is our dynamic, on-demand, and seamlessly integrated enterprise solution that elevates federal financial systems. Leverage pre-built dashboards, reports, and data consolidation from diverse financial systems. Swiftly generate comprehensive reports, alerts, and analytics.

Budget and Spend (BAS) is our industry leading commercial solution for our federal customers. Facilitate and automate seamless collaboration in budget planning, development, review, approval, and execution across the organization on a unified, easy to use platform.

cBEYONData … Got the job done, delivering a more robust system and creating a true reporting center of excellence and getting our agency one step closer to an all-encompassing financial reporting ecosystem.

CFO CT Customer

Because of the success of CFO Control Tower within our Department, many other internal customers have joined the bandwagon. We are no on the verge of completing our vision of a consolidated and unified reporting system, which would not be possible without CFO Control Tower and cBEYONData.

CFO CT Customer