Arlington, VA – April 30, 2024

cBEYONData, a leading provider of purpose-built, tech-enabled, professional services firm today announced today it achieved “Awardable” status through the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Offices (CDAO) Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace.

The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is the premier offering of Tradewinds, the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) suite of tools and services designed to accelerate the procurement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML)), data and analytics capabilities.
cBEYONData’s solutions are designed to help government decision-makers see more and know more so they can accomplish more. They are used by a wide range of agencies across the federal government.

“We are thrilled to share cBEYONData’s Humanless Unmatched Transaction solution – known as HUnT – an AI/ML solution that predicts the root cause of unmatched transactions (UMTs), has been deemed Awardable by the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace”, said Zhenia Klevitsky, Chief Growth Officer. “It is an honor to be recognized among a competitive field of applicants to the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace for our innovation, scalability, and impact on DoD missions”, said Klevitsky.

cBEYONData’s HUnT video is accessible only by government customers on the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace, presents an actual use case in which cBEYONData leverages advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, to automate and optimize the reconciliation of Unmatched Transactions. cBEYONData was recognized among a competitive field of applicants to the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace whose solutions demonstrated innovation, scalability, and potential impact on DoD missions. Government customers interested in viewing the video solution can create a Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace account at

About cBEYONData

cBEYONData improves the business of government by understanding the overlapping relationship of data (information) and dollars (finances). We diagnose, we design, and we implement: processes, technology platforms, and the tools and measurements that help government operate effectively. Why? Because the right mix of advice, technology, and implementation expertise allows our clients to do the right budgets, the people, and the mission so that the business of government runs at its very best. cBEYONData is a portfolio company of Bluestone Investment Partners.

For more information or media requests, contact: Theresa Backus Dunn, Director of Marketing and Communications, [email protected]

About The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace:

The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is a digital repository of post-competition, readily awardable pitch videos that address the Department of Defense’s (DoD) most significant challenges in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), data and data analytics space. All awardable solutions have been assessed through complex scoring rubrics and competitive procedures and are available to Government customers with a Marketplace account. Government customers can create an account at Tradewinds is housed in the DoD’s Chief Digital Artificial Intelligence Office.

For more information or media requests, contact: [email protected]