News :: Jan 8, 2024

cBEYONData Attends 41st Annual Justice Management Division Awards Ceremony

The cBEYONData DOJ team recently attended the 41st Annual Justice Management Division Awards Ceremony, where they witnessed the recognition and celebration of their team members’ exceptional contributions. Among the attendees, several individuals from the cBEYONData DOJ JMD team were honored with Special Commendation Awards for their remarkable roles in the development and implementation of the third-generation Justice Enterprise Data Integration (JEDI-NG) reporting system. This system efficiently supports more than 16,000 users across various financial systems within the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The Special Commendation Award, which is the highest accolade granted to a division employee, signifies outstanding performance and superior accomplishments. The cBEYONData team, in collaboration with the JMD team, spearheaded the development of the advanced JEDI system. This next-generation platform encompasses over three decades’ worth of financial data and successfully migrated from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

Together with cBEYONData, this JMD team led the development of the next generation of JEDI, consisting of migrating years of financial data, from on-premises to the cloud.

On behalf of everyone at cBEYONData, congratulations to: Michael Manolatos, Laura Caton, Bennie Buggs, Angela Harris, Arnetta Palmer, Leon Braddell, Nicole Powell, Barry Rindner, David Kunec, Mark Frayman, Joseph Gilson, Vincent Anderson, and Regina Byrd.