News :: Feb 13, 2017

Celebrating One Year of Cloud-Based Solutions with the Department of Justice

From FedGov.NEWS

Effective January 2017, cBEYONData has led our Federal Law Enforcement Customer in the use of Amazon Web Services GovCloud for an entire calendar year.

Responding to their need to advance the SAP BusinessObjects software from version 3.1, cBEYONData was able to implement the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud-based solution to ultimately upgrade the existing software to version 4.2. cBEYONData led the planning, application, deployment, and training of this new production environment in period of only four months from start to finish.

BusinessObjects was the first application our customer deployed into the cloud. Since utilizing the FedRAMP certified AWS GovCloud environment, they have seen a significant benefit to the BusinessObjects environment as a whole and have saved over $300,000 in hardware installation fees.

cBEYONData was able to have the cloud-based solutions installed on the AWS GovCloud in a matter of only days. This has enhanced our customer’s ease of access during this first year of implementation, while providing online and in-person training on the new system.

With the acknowledgement of this project’s success, cBEYONData is looking forward to utilizing cloud-based software with various partners and agencies in 2017.

Celebrating One Year of Cloud-Based Solutions with Department of Justice
cBEYONData: Celebrating One Year of Cloud-Based Solutions with the Department of Justice

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