News :: Oct 6, 2017

cBEYONData Named Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers in 2017

cBEYONData Named Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers

CFO Tech Outlook Magazine has recognized cBEYONData as one of the Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers! This is an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing financial reporting solutions and impacting the marketplace. We are excited to recognized and to be part of this list. CFO Tech Outlook will be publishing a Financial Reporting Special, where along with be featured, an interview with our Principal, David Schmidtkneckt.

Below is an excerpt from the CFO Tech Outlook article coming out this month:

“The role of the Federal CFO necessitates garnering in-depth insights from multiple sets of data for better decision making, quicker financial performance analysis, and accurate compliance reporting. However, data visibility becomes a mirage for CFO’s when their existing financial and accounting systems present inadequate detailed and untimely information. To overcome this situation, a solution is needed that automates data aggregation and executes decisions based on complete and integrated data. cBEYONData offers a solution that empowers Federal CFOs; the CFO Control Tower. An arsenal for CFO Office, the CFO Control Tower provides automation, external compliance, analytics, system assurance, and improved security compliance. It empowers the financial decision makers by automating numerous business processes and providing data insights, visibility, and transparency.”

Be sure to head to their website to read the rest of the article featuring cBEYONData as one of the Top Financial Reporting Solution Providers: CFO Tech Outlook – cBEYONData: Magnifying Financial Information

cBEYONData is a results-driven firm that provides value to government agencies and organizations through Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for the CFO’s Office and end-user missions. We ensure our customers’ analytical and reporting requirements are met through solutions such as financial reporting, audit readiness, DATA Act analytics & submission, procurement & external reporting, dashboards, analytics, visualizations, and geo-mapping. cBEYONData is committed to customer success, as demonstrated by our strong customer retention rates, references and awards.